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Reports & Surveys

Reports are tailored to suit the needs of the client, from a simple verbal synopsis or concise email, through to a written report with detailed photos, energy analysis, predicted fuel carbon and energy savings per year. We draw on our maintenance department’s knowledge to include realistic maintenance costs into the life cycle cost analysis.

We provide independent design checks and validation of new and existing building designs where disputes may arise. Our expert team contains the right blend of people with design, installation and maintenance experience to deliver both feasibility analysis of the initial design concept and actual practical on-site scenarios.

We also carry out survey work and initial spatial concept designs for highly specialist environments such as clean rooms.

On-Site Tests

Our site team can provide on-site substantiation of existing fluid quality by obtaining water samples for laboratory analysis which help determine water quality and ferrous deposit ratios. This is used to identify the extent of system corrosion, demonstrating the possible life expectancy of the system. It can also be used to determine water chemical treatment proportions to ensure the system has been installed and maintained correctly.